The Town of Weaverville is organized into several different departments that specialize in distinct areas of expertise and help keep the Town running smoothly.  Each department is managed by a department head, all of whom report to the Town Manager. 

Following is an overview of each department's primary area of responsibility.  For more information, visit the department's page, or find answers to may common requests on the Residential Town Services or Business Town Services pages. 


The Administration Department is home to the Town Manager who oversees all Town operations and is responsible for driving the Town's economic development through community development, customer service, community outreach, marketing and other special projects. In addition, this department provides Planning and Zoning services to the community as well as manages the financial operations of the Town.

Fire Department

The Fire Department plays a critical role in public safety for the Town, responding to fires, medical emergency calls, and other hazardous situations.  The department also works to educate the public about safety issues and inspects businesses for proper fire safety and suppression equipment. 

Police Department

The Police Department is charged with maintaining a low crime rate through law enforcement and educating the community about public safety and crime issues.

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for providing a number of essential services to the citizens of the Town.  These include garbage collection, yard waste pickup, water production, water system maintenance, parks and recreation facility maintenance, and street and sidewalk maintenance. 


The Planning and Zoning department includes planning and zoning as well as code enforcement. This department oversees the administration and management of the Town’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, and the Land Use Plan.  The staff in this department also work with the Planning and Zoning Board and the Board of Adjustment.