Month: August 2018


This is a public notice to advise the residents of the Town of Weaverville that the Weaverville Town Council will be submitting an application to USDA, Rural Development, for financial assistance.  The purpose of the assistance will be to construct a new 12-inch DIP water line on Clarks Chapel Road and Ollie Weaver Road to improve the water distribution system reliability and operation. The Town of Weaverville is expecting the USDA loan funding to cover 100% of the estimated $2,970,600 project cost.  The project time frame is estimated as follows: funding requirements complete by 1/1/2019, bid requirements complete by 8/1/2019, and construction complete by 10/10/2020.

A public meeting will be held at Weaverville Town Hall located at 30 South Main Street Weaverville, NC, 28787, on September 17, 2018 at 6:45 p.m. to seek comments.

If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact the Town Manager at (828) 645-7116.


Derek K. Huninghake,

Town Clerk



The Town of Weaverville has received an offer for the sale of property owned by the Town of Weaverville in Buncombe County, North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows:

Street Address: 13 Central Avenue, Weaverville, NC, 28787

Parcel Identification Number: 9742-27-8468

Deed Reference:  Book 1054 at Page 316

Conditions:  To be sold “as is”

The highest qualifying offer that has been received is for $367,550. Persons wishing to upset this offer must submit their offer in a sealed envelope marked “upset bid” to the Weaverville Town Clerk at 30 South Main Street, Weaverville, NC, 28787, by 5 pm on August 27, 2018. At that time the Town Clerk will open the bids, if any, and the highest qualifying bid will become the new offer. If there is more than one bid in the highest amount, the first such bid received will become the new offer.

A qualifying higher bid is one that raises the existing offer to an amount not less than $385,977.50. A qualifying higher bid must be accompanied by a bid deposit in the amount of 5% of the bid and must be submitted in cash, cashier’s check or certified check payable to the Town of Weaverville. The Town will return the deposit on any bid not accepted, and the deposit on an offer subject to upset if a qualifying higher bid is received. The Town will return the deposit of the final high bidder at closing.

The Weaverville Town Council must approve the final high offer before the sale is closed, which it intends to do within 30 days after the final upset bid period has passed. The Town reserves the right to withdraw the property from sale at any time before the final high bid is accepted and the right to reject, at any time, all bids.

Further information may be obtained at during normal business hours at Weaverville Town Hall, 30 South Main Street, Weaverville, NC, 28787, or by phone at 828-645-7116.

Derek Huninghake

Weaverville Town Clerk

Posting Date: August 14, 2018

Publication Date: August 16, 2018

Request for Qualifications for Engineering Services: USDA-Funded Water System Improvement Project

The Town of Weaverville (Town) is seeking funding from USDA for a water system improvement project described as the installation of approximately 17,600 LF of 12-inch DIP water lines on Clarks Chapel Road and Ollie Weaver Road, from the intersection of Clarks Chapel Road and Old Mars Hill Highway to an existing water line near the intersection of Ollie Weaver Road and Monticello Road.  The Town is seeking USDA funds to finance up to 100% of the total project related expenses.  The Town is seeking professional engineering services for two phases of the project:  Phase 1 being the preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and Environmental Report (ER) (if required) in according to USDA guidelines to support the USDA application process. Phase I must be completed in a compressed timeline that allows for the complete application package which includes PER and applicable ER within 5 weeks of notification to proceed.  If funding is approved, Phase II will consist of final design, approval, bidding, construction inspection and contract administration through the final certification on the project. 

Qualifications packages must be submitted in hard copy by 12:00pm on August 15, 2018 to the attention of:

Selena Coffey, Town Manager
PO Box 338
30 South Main Street
Weaverville, NC  28787

Please limit your proposals to 20 pages (not including front or back covers, table of contents and cover letter) and the proposals should be clearly marked to indicate the project title.

Interested firms should submit three (3) copies of their Statement of Qualifications, including:

  • Description of engineering services provided on previous projects with comparable scope and complexity.
  • Listing of specific personnel who would serve on the firm’s project team with names and titles.
  • References from at least three (3) owners for which engineering services were provided on similar projects.
  • Familiarity with the project and surrounding area.
  • Description of relevant experience with the water system improvement projects and USDA-funded projects.
  • Discussion of team availability.
  • Proposed project timeline.

Awards will be made to the responsible and qualified firm whose qualifications are aligned with the Town’s  project and strategic objectives and adherence with the anticipated project timeline.  The Town reserves the right to accept a firm that is most advantageous to the Town.

Information concerning the project or the proposal package, should be requested in writing through an email request to Town Manager Selena Coffey at [email protected]

Publication Date: August 7, 2018