Month: November 2021

November 22, 2021 Town Council Meeting Audio

An audio recording of the November 22, 2021 meeting of Town Council may be obtained by contacting Planning Director/Town Clerk James Eller at 828-484-7002 or [email protected]



Public Notice is hereby given that the Town of Weaverville Town Council will hold a Public Hearing during it’s regular meeting on Monday, November 22, 2021 at 7:00p.m., or at such time as Council reaches the matter. The Public Hearing will be on a proposed text amendments to the town’s development regulations related to flag lots and other minor technical changes. This meeting will occur within Council Chambers and Community Room at Town Hall located at 30 South Main Street, Weaverville, NC.

WRITTEN PUBLIC COMMENTS can also be submitted in advance of the public hearing and will be read into the record of the public hearing. Written public comments can be submitted as follows: (1) by EMAILING to [email protected]  at least 6 hours prior to the meeting, (2) by putting your written comment in a DROP BOX at Town Hall (located at front entrance and back parking lot) at least 6 hours prior to the meeting, or (3) BY MAILING your written comment (must be received not later than Monday’s mail delivery on November 22, 2021) to: Town of Weaverville, PO Box 338, Weaverville, NC, 28787, Attn: Public Comments.

If you would like additional information, to review the content related to the Public Hearing, or obtain information on availability of remote participation during the hearing you may contact Planning Director and Deputy Town Clerk James Eller at 828-484-7002 or [email protected].