Category: Administration

Where can I find the Town’s fees?

The Town’s fee schedule is adopted annually with the budget ordinance and may be updated by Town Council anytime throughout the year. You can view the Town’s Fee Schedule here.

How do I pay my water and sewer bill or property taxes?

You can pay your water and sewer and property tax bills online, via direct debit, by mail, using our drop-box or in person at Town Hall. For more information, please click on the following button:

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How can I appeal my property tax bill?

Although residents must pay their Town and Buncombe County taxes to the Weaverville Tax Collector Debbie Bruce, the Town does not assess your property tax value(s). Any and all appeals or questions about your tax assessments must be presented to the Buncombe County Tax Department. You may contact them online here or call them at (828) 250-4910.

How do I contact Town Hall?

You may call Town Hall at (828) 645-7116 or visit at 30 South Main Street in Weaverville. The street-level floor of Town Hall houses the Town Manager’s officer and Administration, which includes Finance, Tax Collections, Water & Sewer Collections, Planning and Legal Services. The lower level of the building houses the Weaverville Police Department.

How do I apply for a job?

As a matter of policy, the Town of Weaverville maintains a systematic, consistent recruitment program, while promoting equal employment opportunities and identifying and attracting the most qualified applicants for employment.

The Town of Weaverville is an equal opportunity employer and makes all employment decisions on the basis of merit.


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