For Immediate Release: Town of Weaverville Withdraws from County Declaration

Weaverville, NC. Beginning at 6:00 a.m. on May 1, 2020, in an effort to more closely align with the statewide COVID-19 response being led by Governor Cooper, the Town of Weaverville withdrew its consent to the provisions of Buncombe County’s Declarations concerning COVID-19.

The Town found it reasonable to be included in the County’s restrictions ahead of the implementation of the initial statewide restrictions by the Governor. Now that the Governor has put in place a comprehensive set of restrictions aimed at protecting North Carolina’s citizens, the Town has weighed whether the more restrictive provisions of the County’s orders are needed in Weaverville. We have concluded that Weaverville does not present unique circumstances that require restrictions above and beyond what Governor Cooper adopted statewide based on the public health guidance that he is receiving. In reliance on the Governor’s action as being reasonable and in the interest of the public’s health, the Town will proceed under the Governor’s executive orders.

This action does not signal an immediate return to our previous “normal” – the Governor has made clear that we have a long way to go before we reach that goal. It does, however, provide a reasonable loosening of restrictions. The Town will be working with the Governor’s office and Weaverville’s businesses to ensure full compliance with the statewide regulations that are in place to protect all North Carolinians.

The Mayor, Town Council, and staff look forward to the next phases of safely reopening our home.