Message from the Mayor

Mayor Al Root
Mayor Al Root

Dear Friends, Residents and Visitors,

Welcome to the website for the Weaverville Town Government.  Here, we have sought to provide you with an easy-to-use resource for locating needed information about Weaverville and its government.  In addition to what you find here, our staff at the Weaverville Town Hall is happy to answer any questions you may have.  One joy of small-town-life is being able to talk directly with town leaders, without unnecessary bureaucracy getting in the way.

Anyone hoping to get involved with town government will find themselves welcome.  The Town of Weaverville has numerous advisory boards made up of Weaverville citizens.  More information about each of these boards, along with contact information, can be found by accessing the Board and Committes page of the Town’s website.  The Town of Weaverville also publishes an electronic newsletter and calendar of events regularly on its website, meant to keep residents up-to-date on the meeting schedule for the Weaverville Town Council and other boards/committees, along with other town events.

If you are considering Weaverville as a new home for your family or business, look carefully at the Living and Working categories on this website.  We welcome green, forward-thinking businesses.  Weaverville has won the Tree City USA award every year since 1991, and we were selected as the North Carolina Tree City of the Year for 2009.  Our residents and town officials have worked tirelessly for these achievements.  Weaverville continues to take seriously the challenge of embracing and honoring the beauty of our natural surroundings. As trusted stewards for the area, the Weaverville Town Council takes these responsibilities seriously.  You will find this a great place to live.

Enjoy Weaverville!

Al Root, Mayor
Town of Weaverville

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