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Notice of New Fees for Debit/Credit Card Users

The Town is working to keep costs down while maintaining high quality programs and services. While credit and debit card payments are a convenient way to pay your bills/taxes, the cost to provide this convenience has grown substantially.

These fees are not charged by or paid to the Town of Weaverville. The fees go directly to the third-party processor to cover the fees charged by the credit and debit card companies.

Effective February 1, 2018, all debit/credit card payments made at Town Hall will be subject to the following fees and restrictions:


Taxes 2.5 % of payment amount $3.95 minimum
Planning/Zoning/Misc. 2.5 % of payment amount $1.95 minimum


Utility Bills No Visa cards allowed at Town Hall $2.95 per transaction
Visa cards allowed if paid online

Payments (same fees apply) can also be made at: www.officialpayments.com