Parks and Recreation

The Town of Weaverville maintains two public parks within its jurisdiction: Lake Louise Park and the Main Street Nature Park. Without a designated town recreation department, both parks rely heavily on the hard work provided by volunteers and Town of Weaverville employees. These parks are well-maintained areas intended for passive recreation purposes. Residents and visitors can enjoy short walks around Lake Louise, or along the walking paths of the Main Street Nature Park, where volunteers have created colorful flower beds using native plants.

You can walk from downtown’s Main Street Nature Park to Lake Louse Park!  Download or view the Weaverville Walking Map!

Lake Louise Park

The Town of Weaverville owns and maintains Lake Louise, which encompasses approximately 15.5 acres with a more than five-acre, man-made lake. The park also features playground facilities, outdoor exercise equipment, picnic shelters, a walking track, grills and fishing. Town observances and celebrations are held in the park throughout the year.

Anyone with a North Carolina fishing license may fish in Lake Louise. For the period from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 a fishing permit from the Town of Weaverville to fish in Lake Louise is no longer required.

Please see the rules for fishing in Lake Louise:

Main Street Nature Park

The Main Street Nature Park is located behind the Weaverville Town Hall and runs parallel to Main Street. The park, encompassing 10 acres, is open to the public daily. Parking is available in several sites, including: Pine Street, Main Street, or behind the Weaverville Town Hall. The park has a walking trail, where dogs are permitted on leash. The property is managed by the Weaverville Public Works Recreation Division, in collaboration with the Weaverville Garden Club, and serves as a demonstration area for natural habitats for Western North Carolina flora and fauna.

Future Reems Creek Greenway

The Reems Creek Greenway is a 2.25 mile greenway located along scenic Reems Creek, which passes through historic structures reflecting the Town of Weaverville’s milling history and ends on the Town’s public properties.

“The Reems Creek Greenway plan provides a preferred alignment as well as alternatives with a menu of choices that addresses both opportunities and challenges, costs, public input, and land acquisition needs.”
– Equinox Environmental

Connect Reems Creek

Parks and Recreation Opportunities Around the Town

In addition to Weaverville’s two parks, residents and visitors have easy access to Reems Creek Golf Course, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Vance Birthplace, and the Buncombe County Park System, all within a short distance from Weaverville. Just outside the Town’s corporate limits, one can find Karpen Field, which is managed by Buncombe County Recreation and provides two soccer fields for daytime use. In addition, Buncombe County Schools, Weaverville Elementary, Weaverville Primary and North Buncombe High School have numerous fields for baseball, softball and football. North Buncombe High School also has an indoor pool.