Weaverville Small-Town-Strong Business Directory

Small Town Strong

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s daily lives. From dining out to enjoying the beautiful work of our Town’s artists, many of the activities that we are accustomed to, have been placed on pause. This drastic change from life as we’ve known it has impacted small businesses throughout the country. With local small businesses being forced to cease operations, many have had to close their doors and furlough their employees. Some businesses across the country have closed their businesses permanently due to the financial strain that the pandemic has placed on them.

We see the devastation this pandemic has caused our local, small businesses and we want to help! In an effort to advocate for Weaverville’s small businesses, the Town of Weaverville is launching the Weaverville. Small-Town-Strong initiative, which provides our local small businesses the opportunity to tell us, their community and customers, how we can help them. In reviewing the listings within this directory, you’ll see notes from our business owners and you’ll find specific ways that YOU can support the businesses, whether by ordering their merchandise online, purchasing gift certificates for later use, ordering take-out, or simply bringing attention their way by recommending them on social media sites, leaving reviews on Google, Yelp, etc.

Let’s support our local businesses and keep Weaverville SMALL-TOWN-STRONG!

Note:  The Advanced Search option below allows a search for businesses who offer gift cards and the various options for supporting our businesses!