Stormwater Management

Stormwater flows untreated from Town streets, rooftops, parking lots, and yards directly into the closest receiving body of water, such as Lake Louise and Reems Creek. Proper management of stormwater runoff protects property, lessens stream channel erosion, prevents increased flooding, and provides additional protection for floodplains, wetlands, and other water resources and aquatic ecosystems.

The Town of Weaverville, as required by the federal Clean Water Act, has adopted a stormwater management program to ensure that stormwater is controlled and pollution within stormwater is reduced. The Town engages in many tasks to achieve these goals, include installing stormwater controls on public property, improving the stormwater conveyance system, reducing debris entering storm drains, and providing community education and outreach events.

The Town’s Stormwater Management Program is coordinated by the Public Works Department and the Planning Department, though it takes the support, collaboration and effort of each department to restore, protect, and preserve the surface waters in Weaverville.

Through interlocal cooperation with Buncombe County, residential and commercial development within the Town is regulated by County adopted ordinances which have established minimum requirements for the control of adverse impacts due to stormwater runoff associated with new development, both during and after construction. All permitting and inspection of stormwater systems is done through the County’s Planning and Development Department and its Soil and Erosion Control Division and Stormwater Divisions. Links to these divisions are:

The Town’s Stormwater Administrator is Dale Pennell, who can be reached at (828) 645-0606 or [email protected]

If you have questions about the Town’s stormwater management program or concerns about a particular issue or property, please call the Public Works Department at (828) 645-0606. If calling after working hours you will be prompted to leave a message which will be promptly received and handled as needed.

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