Government Overview

Incorporated in 1875, the Town of Weaverville operates as a council/manager form of municipal government. This type of government is the predominant form for local governments in the State of North Carolina. Under a council/manager-type of government, the Weaverville Town Council is responsible for legislative duties like establishing municipal laws and policies. The Weaverville Town Council also adopts the annual budget and prioritizes town projects and improvements. The Weaverville Town Manager, appointed by town council, carries out the laws and policies enacted by council members. The town manager is responsible for managing the town employees and overseeing town finances, resources, and departments. The Weaverville Town Council also appoints a town attorney, who represents the town administration and town council in all legal matters. A council/manager form of government is similar to a private corporation, where citizens act as both stockholders and customers. Elected officials are similar to a private board of directors, while a town manager serves as the chief executive officer and manages all daily operations. Each member of the Weaverville Town Council and the Mayor of Weaverville are elected to alternating four-year terms. Town Hall Business Hours:  8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday Town Hall Mailing Address: Town of Weaverville P.O. Box 338 Weaverville, N.C.  28787 Phone:  (828) 645-7116 Fax:  (828) 645-4776 Town Hall Physical Location: 30 South Main Street Weaverville, NC, 28787