Boards & Committees

The Weaverville Town Council appoints boards and committees to help guide decision-making in Weaverville and to hear and make decisions that require special procedures. The Town is always seeking citizens wishing to participate in local government through service on a board or committee. Most appointments are for three year terms and do not provide any compensation for services.

Boards and Committees Agendas and Minutes

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Apply for a Town Board or Committee

If you are interested in serving on a board or committee, scroll to the bottom of this page to download an application, or request one from the Town Clerk’s office and return it to Town Hall.

Application for Appointment to Town Boards or Commissions

List of Town of Weaverville Boards and Committees

Alcoholic Beverages Control Board

Pursuant to North Carolina law the Weaverville ABC Board is appointed by Town Council. The board’s mission is to control the sale of spirituous liquor and promote customer-friendly, modern, and efficient stores. This board serves to set policy and adopt rules in conformity with North Carolina’s laws and rules regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages. This board consists of three members.

Animal Control Appeals Board

The Animal Control Appeals Board is a three-member board appointed by Town Council to hear and determined appeals from determinations made by the animal control officer.

Economic Development Advisory Board

Town Council created an Economic Development Advisory Board to study impediments to business development, make recommendations concerning economic development opportunities, promote the Town as an ideal place for businesses to locate, and to assist the Town in its strategic goal to “promote diverse economic development in keeping with the Town’s residential character and the environment.”  Seven members, appointed by Town Council, serve on this board as voting members, along with the Town Manager.

Planning and Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board is generally responsible for advising Town Council on matters pertaining to land use and planning issues. Subdivision and zoning text amendments and zoning map amendments cannot be considered by Town Council without first receiving a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Board. This board also reviews development applications for compliance with subdivision standards and conditional zoning district applications for reasonableness and consistency with the Town’s adopted comprehensive land use plan. This board is required by law and must be comprised of residents of the Town. Town Council appoints all members to this board which consists of five regular members and up to two alternates.

Residents’ Patriotic Activities Committee

The Residents’ Patriotic Activities Committee advises Town Council and staff on the patriotic events within the Town and coordinates the scheduling and programming of those events such as Memorial Day, Patriot’s Day and Veteran’s Day. Town Council appoints six voting members to this Committee to serve alongside the Mayor and Town Manager.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Under North Carolina law, the Town is required to have a board of adjustment. The Town’s Board of Adjustment consists of five members and up to two alternates, all of whom must be residents of the Town. The Board of Adjustment almost exclusively does its work by hearing and making quasi-judicial decisions on matters such as variance requests, special use permits, and appeals from the zoning administrator.