Town Council Vision & Strategic Goals

Town of Weaverville Vision Statement

Weaverville will maintain its small town and neighborly atmosphere while actively managing the growth that is inevitable near a larger city.  Weaverville will maintain as a distinctive Town with a vital Main Street as its focus. The town will be attractive to both young and old with a wide range of housing choices at a variety of prices. Neighborhood and business areas are key building blocks of our community. We will reserve areas for both types of uses while buffering each from the other. We seek an attractive town that is well landscaped and accessible to pedestrians. We will create a favorable atmosphere for the right type of business and industry, those that are clean and provide a good living for our residents. The services expected from the Town are sidewalks, parks, green spaces, and well run utility and emergency services. To develop this vision we intend to assertively use zoning, subdivision regulations, extraterritorial planning authority and annexation.

Town of Weaverville Mission Statement

Provide high quality services through the departments of Administration, Fire, Police, and Public Works. 

Strategic Goals

1. To provide for orderly government and the provision of high quality services.


  • Responsible management of financial services.
  • Ensure delivery of services through adequate facilities and equipment.
  • Retain trained, competent and motivated staff.
  • Conduct Town business in a transparent and accessible manner.

2. Promote the stability of existing residential neighborhoods while fostering a diversity of housing opportunities. 


  • Ensure that the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is updated on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that the zoning and subdivision ordinances allow for a desirable variety of housing opportunities.
  • Maintain existing infrastructure and plan for future expansion.

3. Promote diverse economic development in keeping with the Town’s residential character and the environment. 


  • Maintain and encourage a vibrant Central Business District
  • Maintain and expand existing diversity of low-impact light industry.
  • Encourage beneficial, new economic investment for development and redevelopment.
  • Execute the comprehensive economic development program.

4. Provide, support and encourage a high quality of life for the Town of Weaverville. 


  • Promote and encourage community events.
  • Maximize existing resources to maintain recreational facilities and encourage their use.
  • Plan for future resources to accommodate regional programs.
  • Plan for and maintain walkable community.