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9/11 Observance at Lake Louise Park

Please join your neighbors and friends for the Town of Weaverville 9/11 Remembrance, which will be held at noon on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, in Lake Louise Park

Weaverville resident, Craig Weeks, will be the guest speaker. A career banker, Craig was in his NYC office on 9/11 on the 20th floor of the Chase Plaza when the planes hit the Towers two blocks away. For the first time in public, Craig will tell his remembrances of that day. The clergyman for this ceremony will be Rev. Orion Davis, whose church in Montclair, New Jersey was critical in helping survivors. Other participants in the 9/11 ceremony include the Reuter Center Singers, the Weaverville Police and Fire Departments, and Howard Dusenbery on the bagpipes.